Slots Reviews at is an exciting slots site but unfortunately we spend 11 months of the year waiting for Christmas to happen. At Slots Listings you can enjoy slots every day and every month of the year. Slotsroom was created to create a library and database of all the slot games available. Every slot is associated with a casino software so you can find slots by software as a category but you can also check by slot type like video slot, classic slot, 3D slots and progressive slots too.

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New Slots Softwares

There are some new softwares out there that you might not have heard of before. They include companies like Magnet Gaming, Playson and Easter Island Studios.

New Slots

Did you know that every month there are anywhere from 20 to 40 new slots created every month? It sounds a bit crazy but it’s true. Many software providers create 1 or 2 slots per month and when you compare this with the number of active casino software makers, it’s easy to see there are this many slots.

Some of the newest slots released this year already include

Probably the most popular slots maker is NetEnt slots which has been making slots for well over 15 years. For 2016 NetEnt is planning on adding some games to go with their successful launch of the much anticipated slot game for Guns n’ Roses. Next to be produced will be Jimi Hendrix slot game. This is part of the slots rock world tour created by Net Entertainment. Take a game like Wisps slot for example, this game has a lot of neat features, seems like a simplistic enough slot but is really dynamic and fun to play. Unfortunately not all slots are created equal so what seems like a rare treat to find these games, you can appreciate what NetEnt does for creating slot games that slots player actually like.


Free Spins No Deposit

Free spins no deposit?  It might sound too good to be true but, actually it is the truth!  Occasionally we have free spins with no deposit casino bonuses up for grabs but we have 2 places where you can get these bonuses instead. Where?

Casino Bonuses Today

Casino Bonuses Today lists all the casino bonuses based on categories. So of course you can get free spins AND no deposit casino bonuses all in one place. During the Christmas season Christmas-Slots has all the slot games and casino bonuses related to it but once the holiday season ends, has all the other 11 months of the season fully covered.

Free Spins

Free spins is actually a type of no deposit bonus but it is very specific and more fun for slots players. You can’t control the betting amounts but you can only get the free spins to see what you have won. Many times the free spins will spin on their own and you just watch and see if you have won any decent money. Many of the times when you do win, you are required to wager your winnings a certain amount before you can take that money into the bank.  Just read the terms and conditions but the averages seem to be 25 to 35 times the winning amount, also known as times the bonus if you actually happen to read terms.

No Deposit Casinos

No deposit are like free spins but it is a set bonus amount. Usually like $10, $25 or $50 no deposit so if you want to bet $25 in a single slot spin, you can do whatever you like and not be limited or restricted. To our knowledge free spins tend to involved larger win amounts where no deposits usually have a maximum cashout value involved.

Whether you take advantage of no deposit bonuses or free spins, either way you don’t have to always make a deposit to claim them which is the best part about it. If you are a casino player on a budget, you want to win something and use that money to bankroll your gaming.

For more information visit their no deposit casinos page:

So there you have it, 2 different types of bonuses, at casino bonuses today you can get any of these and they always have all the bonuses listed no matter how big or how small and listed right up to the point even when they are about to expire. Any single day bonuses you can expect to find listed here. It is a highly recommended place to find not only trusted online casinos but great casino bonuses to go with it.

Off season Slots

It is nearly 6 more months to go before the Christmas season starts back up and it is highly likely that people won’t really be wanting to play Christmas Slots at this time of the season.  Some people might and we would call those people Christmas Addicts and such a thing truly does exist much like a fetish.

So what is the completely opposite slot game we can think of that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas? How about Megadeth Slots.  Yes Megadeth is a heavy metal band that is considered one of the 4 metal pioneers of our team with lead singer Dave Mustaine being one of the founders of Metallica before getting his panties in a bundle and splitting. This probably allowed Metallica to get better while Mustaine could start another decent metal band called MegaDeth.

They have been touring and making albums since the 80s and with close to 30 years of making intense music their story now comes to live in the slot game. If you are a fan of the band then playing this game makes it more fun.  The only sad thing is that MegaDeth is hugely popular in America and this game it doesn’t appear to be available for real money play to Americans. For the rest of the world that isn’t a problem especially in Germany, Scandinavia and eastern Europe where metal bands could have easily made their forums in these markets without needing the Americas to be successful.

What can players expect about this slot?

It has 5 reels, 40 paylines and about a 500 coin jackpot. Doesn’t sound like a lot but it means the frequency of the jackpots are more than something that pays out huge.  The estimated house edge appears to be around 4% which is standard for online slots.

Perhaps this slot isn’t something Santa himself would approve of but in the words of Metallica, So F***in What!

Where can you find more non Christmas related slot reviews?